Proverbs 27:
Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.

"It feels so good to stop renting! We finally have a place that feels like home"
Buying a home

John & Stephanie
East Dublin, GA.
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This does not add you to our (My Choice) program, if you would like to join our (My Choice) program please call us for details 478-697-4887478-697-4887

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Owner Financing
...........We may have homes available to you that we can offer owner financing on, This means NO BANK QUALIFYING for you!!!  

Lease to Own.............Lease one of our homes for a time, see if you like the home, see if you like the area, if it's the house for you, you can buy it!                            

$$$$$$CASH $$$$$$....... Want to make huge profits in real estate?  We sometimes have ugly or unfinished properties that need some work or a lot of work.  Fix it, sell it, or rent it, the choice is yours and so are the profits!   

Want to Trade?.......Are you a tradesman or handy person?  Or do you know someone who is who can help you?  We may have houses available that need some work, so we could trade work for a lower price or payment!!!!

There are many other ways we can help you buy a home or make a profit in real estate.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.       


(My Choice List).........Our homes sell fast!!!  Actually very fast!!! 
Don't wait to get started.
When a home becomes available, those on the (My Choice List) have the chance to buy before we advertise to the public.  Please don't miss out on one of our homes because you were not already on the list.

If you are ready to own a home, please ask about getting on our (My Choice List)
call for details 478-697-4887

For our Buyers:

We are not Realtors.
We are not bankers or loan brokers who get paid to find you a loan.
With no bank qualifying, we make it EASY to buy a home! 

Whatever has kept you from buying in the past, don't let it stop you now!
 Did you know that you could possibly get thousands of dollars extra back at tax time just because you own a home!!! 

The choices are simple: do nothing, and continue to rent
OR BUY from us and reap the benefits of owning a home! 


P.O. Box 14002 East Dublin, GA. 31027-4002
(478) 697-4887(478) 697-4887

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